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Find Your Comfort with March !

Take the first step toward a new, healthy life by downloading the app and stop experiencing period discomforts for good! 

Tracking your period is ONLY one of our features! We’ve got a lot more.

Drop the Pills

March will guide and lead you through a time that you’ll no longer need any painkillers. No more side effects of chemical drugs and pills.

No More Surprises

Your emotional and physical changes won't surprise you anymore. By knowing your cycle pattern, you'll be prepared.

Stay Energetic

Stay Energetic

Do you stay in bed all day on your periods? Not anymore! learn how to take good care of yourself and stay active and energetic with March’s tips.

No More Pain

All women suffer from unpleasant symptoms and creeping pains during their period. Our wearable shuts the pains down for you.

Balance Your Mood

Balance Your Moods

The mood swings are the worst! With March, you can share your feelings with the women's community and receive their advices.

Engage Your Partner

Engage Your Partner

We all need support during our periods! March lets your partner and your loved ones know what exactly you’re experiencing during your period.

Enjoy Your Period

Put an end to your blue and dull feelings during your menstrual cycle; complete simple missions in March, and win prizes.

Stay Calm

Stay Calm & Confident

If you need a doctor to talk to, consult with OB/GYN experts on March app, to determine if your cycle is in a normal process or not.

Key Features

Period Buddy

Connect with your partner or your loved ones, and share your period status.

Health Assistant

Consult with a health assistance expert, to know what’s normal and what’s not.

Period Tracker

Track your period and ovulation for birth control, and be prepared for changes.


Looking for period products (pads, tampons, cups, etc.)? You can buy them on March.

Learning on March

With our daily tips about healthy life & menstrual cycles, you’ll learn how to live healthy.

Daily Log

Get personalized tips and reports based on daily logs you submit on March.

Wearable Dashboard

The pulses of our wearable will overlay and stimulate your nerves to block the pain signals transferring to your brain, and give you instant relief.


Find out what is your cycle's pattern, how it affects your body and how to deal with it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for just contact us. we will help you ASAP.
We are so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us, and we will never destroy it. Your data would be safe, and this is one of our top priorities. We will never sell your data, or use it for marketing goals.

Most predictions are based on the data you’ve submitted in the past, which is considered most relevant. Therefore, by entering your data, March will get smarter and provide more accurate results. 

You can chat or talk directly to several health experts (including OBGYNs), and in case of emergency, we’ll call 911 for you. 

Absolutely, we have a dashboard specifically designed to assist you in this process. 

The dashboard is designed as a communication bridge, between women and their partners or their loved ones. Thus, you can choose which menstrual data you want to share with your partner, so that he can know how your health condition is during the period.
Yes, you can move your data and calendar from some period tracker apps that you’ve used, then you can easily use your previous data on March.

Get rid of period pain with our wearable

We are the FIRST in the world to bring pain blocking technology combined with a mobile app, which also has the capability to learn user’s behavior, and improve their experience.

The pulses of our wearable will overlay and stimulate your nerves to block the pain signals transferring to your brain, and give you instant relief.

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