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Let's Shut the Periods' Pains Down!

No more frustration with creeping period painsOur wearable connects to your March application, learns the pattern of your period pains and reduces them with pulses and heat. 

satisfied woman wearing nonchemical instant period pain relief device to reduce period pain named March connected to ovulation tracker app

Why March's Wearable Is an Excellent Choice?

Small and Portable

You can take it everywhere with yourself. Your belt or pocket can hold it.


You can use it anywhere you want, school, work....; No one would notice.


Flexible gel pads on the wearable are skin-friendly, and comfortable to wear.

Side Effect-free

Feel free to use it! It has no side effects, inflammation, or drug dependency.

Instant effect

Immediate result, unlike medicinal pain killers that take time to affect you.

Target Pain Points

Having pain in several parts of your body? Our wearable supports up to 6 pads.

Customized Settings

Tell March how you want the wearable to work, make it suitable for yourself.

Confirmed by Experts

The whole solution is reviewed, and confirmed by medical experts & OB/GYNs.

How does March’s wearable work?

Stick the Pads on your body

Connect the pads to device, and then place it on your body (Belly, back, or anywhere you feel pain).

Confirm the device is connected

This device confirms that your body is connected to the pads. When the device is well connected, it will be activated.

Connect it to your phone!

To connect your mobile device to the March app, turn on Bluetooth.

Turn it on, enjoy the pain relief!

Choose the best mode for your condition, run the device and enjoy a quiet period.

The wearable gets smarter

Device syncs with the mobile app to monitor your body's overall health.


What Our Client’s Say

People Love Our Wearable Because

Tow young women wearing period pain relief device with sport outfit looking they are going for run and playing with their cell phones

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for just contact us. we will help you ASAP.
No, our wearable is a safe and non-chemical device, that has been confirmed by experts and meets the required standards.
It’s like small pulses and gentle vibration, if you use the heat option it feels warmer.
Absolutely, the wearable supports up to 6 pads, and you can use them on places of your body that you feel pain.
By considering the experiences that our customers have shared with us, it has instant effects on the pains.
No, feel free to use it anywhere you want. We’ve designed in a way to let you use it everywhere.
Of course! Our wearable is completely safe and has no side effects for them. It’s also easy to use.

Working Indicator

Power / Mode Switch

Micro-USB Charging Port

I Want This Wearable!

If you’ve decided to have one of our wearables, you need to install our App in the first step. Then promote your account to premium plus. We will send you the wearable very soon.
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