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Why should you use March Health?

A woman’s health app should contain the following qualifications in order to create an environment that is inclusive and supportive of her:

What does March offer?

All-in-one women’s health Service

Women’s health is more than pregnancy and other women’s health issues most supported in workplaces. March Health has a Multidimensional Solution that addresses the whole person -physically, emotionally and mentally - conflicts in workplace.

Complete life changing solutions

Considering the problems around the workplace during women’s cycle, March health has the approach of rethinking employee benefits with wellness services to attract and retain female talents, create an inclusive and habitable working environment.

improve your quality of life with March

How does the app benefit you?

Ensure the wellbeing and happiness of your partner

Your loved one happiness should be a priority! Through your journey with March, March Health helps partners and family members and informs them of what to do in times of emotional support.

Eliminate the barriers that prevent women from advancing in their life’s achievements.

Females risk losing the professional opportunities that come with having a physical and psychological presence. Instead of removing the issue, use March to fix it.

Get tailored recommendations

By keeping a journal of your everyday activities and documenting daily routines, women can control their moods and relieve their discomfort. Women can organize their work schedules more freely using the tracking feature based on app data.

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Lots of people are enjoying March,
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  • Track your daily moods easily
  • Get useful tips based on your needs
  • Monitor your symptoms & pains
  • Receive helpful reminders to stay on track
  • Elevate your health with interactive challenges

Lots of people are enjoying March,
Join them Now!

Enjoy 30 Days Free Trial

Contact us for exact company based pricings.


All March Features
$ 99 Yearly
  • Connect with partner and loved ones
  • Lots of useful recommendations
  • Monitoring symptoms
  • Compelling health reports
  • Track period easily
  • Access to a personal medical supporter

Premium Plus

All March Features + Personal Medical Supporter
$ 199 Yearly
  • Connect with partner and loved ones
  • Lots of useful recommendations
  • Monitoring symptoms
  • Track period easily
  • Compelling health reports
  • Access to a personal medical supporter

After a 1-month free trial, yearly subscription is $99 or $199 based on the plan, and automatically renews each year.

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