Isn't it time to say goodbye to the cramps and physical pain of your period?

Ready to relieve yourself and your loved ones from menstruation pains and discomfort? Start a not-disturbing PMS life? Never feel mood swings again? Say your last goodbyes to monthly depression?

What is March all about?

No more period physical pain!

75% of women experience mild to acute physical pain during their menstruation every month in different parts of their body, our wearable will reduce that pain as an instant, non-chemical and & side-effect-free solution.

No mental period discomforts!

Almost everyone experiences some sort of period discomfort. Mood swings, anger, boredom and frustration. Sound familiar? It's like you’ve experienced them every month for no reason! We will bring happy period days for you.

No need to face period alone!

Period sucks and we all know it! But with a little support from our loved ones, it can pass a lot easier. With your permission, our app will tell your loved ones about you, so they’ll be more caring, understanding and supportive.

How does March change your life!

Ease your period pain

Improve your life quality

What our members say about us:

30 Days Free Trial For You & Everyone You Love!

Invite whoever you love to March app to join you in enjoying March!

Your loved ones can support you emotionally and physically with March personalized recommendations!

Be the first! Invite your friends, partner, etc. to March and gain an extra 30-days free trial for yourself and them!

Start Your Free Trial Today!

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No need to pay ! Just choose your plan, create your account, and enjoy using March features for free in 30 days!

Then you can decide to continue using March or cancel your subscription!

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Premium Plus Plan

All March Features + Personal Medical Supporter
$ 99
  • Access to your personal medical supporter
  • Track your period easily
  • Connect with your partner
  • Get useful recommendations
  • Monitor your symptoms
  • Get compelling health reports

Premium Plan

All March Features
$ 49
  • Track your period easily
  • Connect with your partner
  • Get useful recommendations
  • Monitor your symptoms
  • Get compelling health reports

After free trial, yearly subscription is $49.99 or $99.99 based on your plan, and automatically renews each year.

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