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March Health revolutionizes women’s health management
with an AI-driven solution. We focus on pre-pregnancy care,
menstrual pain, and endometriosis. Our comprehensive
approach offers accurate diagnoses, personalized support,
and preventive care to improve well-being, period pain, and
fertility outcomes. Through a user-friendly and gamified interface, you can:

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What does March offer?

Holistic Approach to Care

March Health adopts a holistic approach to reproductive health, offering science-based care that goes beyond pharmacological methods and medical guidance on lifestyle, symptom tracking, and pain management with the aim of enhancing the overall quality of life and well-being.

Personalized Health Guidance

Our Medical Supporter offers personalized health guidance on lifestyle changes, symptom tracking, and pain management strategies based on science. We connect you with healthcare professionals to provide tailored care beyond traditional medicines.

Non-Invasive Screening and Diagnosis

Our non-invasive solution accurately screens for endometriosis and severe period pain through symptom analysis, risk assessment, medical history evaluation, and digital biomarkers.

What does March offer?

All-in-one women’s health Service

Women’s health is more than pregnancy and other women’s health issues most supported in workplaces. March Health has a Multidimensional Solution that addresses the whole person -physically, emotionally and mentally - conflicts in workplace and also helps you to screen and diagnose Endometriosis.

Complete life changing solutions

Considering the problems around the workplace during women’s cycle, March health has the approach of rethinking employee benefits with wellness services to attract and retain female talents, create an inclusive and habitable working environment.

Globally more than 190 million women suffer from Endometriosis

And this is our holistic solution to help them

Enhance early detection and diagnosis of endometriosis for timely intervention.

Our solution uses a non-invasive method for screening endometriosis and severe period pain, it diagnoses endometriosis through checking the symptoms, risks, and biomarkers; and with a holistic approach, it tries to offer science-based care to those suffering. It also connects the ones at a high risk of endometriosis and the ones who go through severe period pain with OBGYNs.  

Remove obstacles hindering women's progression in their life pursuits

Females risk losing the professional opportunities that come with having a physical and psychological presence. Instead of removing the issue, use March to fix it. 

Provide users with customized recommendations tailored to their individual needs

By keeping a journal of their everyday activities and documenting daily routines, women can control their moods and relieve their discomfort. Women can organize their work schedules more freely using the tracking feature based on app data. 

Ensure comprehensive support through a dedicated medical advocate

Our AI-based medical supporter enables them to receive tailored recommendations directly from medical professionals. By journaling their daily activities and routines within the app, they provide valuable insights into their health patterns.

Why period pain and endometriosis?

Could your symptoms be related to ENDOMETRIOSIS?

Take a short quiz if you have a family history of endometriosis or to find out if you have symptoms that may be associated with endometriosis.

March For Business

Females risk losing the professional opportunities that come with having a physical and psychological presence. Instead of removing the issue, use March to fix it. 

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