It's time to Bring health to your employees with March!

Why you should use March as an employee benefit: 


Happiness and wellness for your employees

Happy employees boost progression at work. March solution helps companies to turn their workplace into a one that everyone feels happy and healthy in it.

Re-evaluating "Employee Benefits"

Given the issues that arise in the workplace during the women's cycle, March Health has taken the approach of combining employee benefits with wellness services in order to recruit female talent, to create an inclusive and working environment.

An educated workplace!

March Health educate employees and managers and to create an inclusive workplace as well as provide them with access to valid medical information.

MARCH brings wellness & happiness to your customers


March Health is a platform that offers personalized healthcare and wellness services to employees, including virtual healthcare, mental health services, women’s care management, and preventative health programs. Its personalized health assessments create a customized health plan for each employee, taking into account their health history, lifestyle, and goals. March Health also provides employers with data analytics and reporting to track employee health and wellness. 

Features of March Solutions:

  • Personalized healthcare and wellness services 
  • Personalized health assessments  
  • Data analytics and reporting 
  • Cost savings 
  • Improve employee health and well-being 

Wanna bring health & wellness to your employees?

March Health brings health and wellness to employees by providing a comprehensive platform that offers personalized healthcare and wellness services. The platform uses data analytics and machine learning to create a customized health plan for each employee based on their health history, lifestyle, and health goals. 

The platform offers virtual healthcare, mental health services, women’s care management, and preventative health programs, which employees can access from the comfort of their homes or workplaces. This means that employees can get the care they need, when they need it, without having to take time off work or visit a doctor’s office. 

March Health’s approach also helps employers reduce healthcare costs by providing employees with the care they need to stay healthy and prevent health conditions from developing. This can lead to improved employee health and well-being, which can result in increased productivity and reduced absenteeism. 

In addition, March Health provides employers with data analytics and reporting to track employee health and wellness, which can help them identify areas where they may need to provide additional support or resources to their employees. 

Overall, March Health’s comprehensive platform offers a unique and effective approach to bringing health and wellness to employees, while also helping employers reduce healthcare costs and improve employee health and productivity. 

a brand that you can trust!

March is the first innovative solution that combines an AI-powered app and a smart wearable for period discomfort. On our path we have won several rewards:


Healthcare employee benefit offers can include a range of options such as health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, and wellness programs. 

Employers can ensure that their healthcare benefit offerings are cost-effective by researching and selecting benefit plans that offer the best value for money, negotiating with insurance providers to lower premiums, encouraging employees to participate in wellness programs to prevent costly health conditions, and regularly reviewing and adjusting benefit plans based on usage and feedback. 

Employers who offer healthcare benefits to employees may be eligible for tax deductions on their business taxes, and employees may receive tax benefits for their contributions to their health plans or for using flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts. 

Offering healthcare benefits to employees can lead to improved employee health and well-being, reduced absenteeism, increased job satisfaction and employee retention, and a more attractive recruitment package to attract top talent. 

Employee benefits are important because they help to attract and retain top talent, improve employee health and well-being, and contribute to a positive company culture and employee morale. 

In most cases, employers are not legally required to offer benefits to their employees, except for certain benefits required by law such as Social Security and workers’ compensation. However, offering benefits is often seen as a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining top talent. 


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