March Health Introduces Its Endometriosis Self-Assessment Tool

A Step Forward in Early Endometriosis Diagnosis and Risk Assessment The Challenges of Endometriosis Detection and the Future of Urine-Based Testing

March Health is at the forefront of addressing one of the most persistent challenges in women’s health with the launch of Endo Safari, an endometriosis risk assessment tool. This initiative stems from a crucial need to address the often prolonged and complex path to diagnosing endometriosis, a condition affecting 190 million women worldwide. 

The Challenge of Diagnosing Endometriosis 

On average, it takes 10 years from the onset of symptoms for a woman to receive a diagnosis of endometriosis. This delay can be attributed to the condition’s elusive nature and the overlap of its symptoms with those of other health issues. Dr. Foster points out that a definitive diagnosis of endometriosis typically requires surgery, making it essential for both patients and doctors to approach this option with careful consideration. 

Dr. Foster emphasizes the importance of maintaining a detailed menstrual calendar as a critical step towards diagnosis. By ranking pain levels daily and noting the timing, duration, and characteristics of pain relative to the menstrual cycle, women can provide healthcare professionals with invaluable data that might otherwise be difficult to articulate. 

Endo Safari: A Step Forward 

Endo Safari presents a unique solution to this diagnostic dilemma. More than just a quiz, it’s a comprehensive self-assessment tool designed to screen for endometriosis by evaluating symptoms across various stages of the menstrual cycle, including premenstrual symptoms, menstrual health, and observations of unusual symptoms. The result is an Endo Score system, a calculated risk score that indicates the likelihood of endometriosis. 

This tool is notable for measuring the quality of life throughout the menstrual cycle, not just during menstruation. It encourages users to adopt a proactive approach to their health, providing a structured way to document and understand symptoms that may indicate endometriosis. 

Upon completing the Endo questionnaire, users receive advice on the next steps based on their score. A score indicating a higher probability of endometriosis suggests seeking further medical consultation for a thorough evaluation. This guidance is crucial in facilitating open discussions with healthcare providers, armed with detailed documentation of symptoms. 

A Tool for Awareness, Not Diagnosis 

It’s important to recognize that Endo Safari®, while a vital tool for raising awareness and prompting action, is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The goal of Endo Safari® is to expedite the path to diagnosis and treatment by empowering women with knowledge and encouraging detailed symptom tracking and communication with healthcare professionals. This self-assessment tool is just our first step towards providing a solution for accurate and affordable diagnosis for all. 

March Health’s Commitment 

The introduction of Endo Safari® highlights March Health’s commitment to improving women’s health through practical solutions. By offering a tool that bridges the gap between symptom onset and professional diagnosis, March Health aids women on their journey to better understand and manage their health, potentially revolutionizing the approach to endometriosis diagnosis and care. 

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