About us

We Will Make a Revolution in Women’s Health

We are here to make women’s lives easier and more enjoyable. Women no longer need to suffer from period pains, PMS annoying, and mood swings. 

Who We Are?

Our team is dedicated to helping women across the globe, master their menstrual cycle difficulties, and elevate their female health. With March’s digital capabilities, simplicity, and beneficial functions, the March team is confident they can change lives for the better.

Our Story

March was founded by Mark Amouzgar to empower all women across the globe and break the stigma surrounding menstruation. 

We have noticed that the women’s health space has a lot to progress. we all know that girls and women suffer from period discomfort for at least a couple of days every month, so we started to find a solution.  

This is where March came into the play; a period tracker and health assistant for women to rely on during their periods. So, no matter what changes you experience, physically or emotionally, March is there to help. 

Negin Shiraghaei is March’s other co-founder. She has been campaigning for the improvement of female health for the last decade.

She believes our efforts in the area need to focus on finding a better solution for every person who menstruates and improving the quality of their lives. 

This means we need to provide not only a solution for today but also gather enough information so the next generation can benefit from a better understanding of the menstruation cycle. Negin says this happens when the community gets mobilized and acts together. 

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Our Focus at this Time

The growing number of users since we built March Health makes us believe that we are on the right path to solving all period discomforts.

What Would March Present You

Our team is working so hard to bring girls and women a healthier life and happier moments and put an end to mental and physical discomfort 

Our products have various solutions for different aspects of health issues women and girls experience during their lifetime.

Also, in a world where all women are suffering from period poverty, March is working hard to free the spirit of knowledge through various educational plans on its mobile app.

Our Dream

To minimize women’s period discomfort, we are building a solution that prevents all aspects of it. Our dream is to stop all the suffering that women experience every month. 

Why Do We Name Ourselves March?

In March, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. It is also during this month that spring begins when trees start to grow, and nature starts to flourish again. Moreover, The M in March stands for menstruation. We named our innovation March because we want to march towards your health and wellbeing.

Because We Do That, We Get These.


What Our Clients Say

Our History

Journey Started


Wearable Prototyping CES 2020

Developing the Wearable


Running focus group of 105 ppl for tech validation

2020 Startup of the Year by IT World, BestInBiz & 1Planet


Developing the APP MVP Winning 2 grants

Beta launch NVIDIA AI program

Q4 2021

Launching MVP of the App

Winner of the Best Pain Management Technology - MedTech Breakthrough

Q1 2022

Meet The Team

Mark Amouzgar

Co-founder / CEO

Jenna Wider

Co-founder / CMO

Negin Shiraghaei

Co-founder / CCO

Karishma Chopra

Co-founder / CBO

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