Let’s March Towards Painless and Peaceful Periods!

Ready to relieve yourself and your loved ones from menstruation pains and discomfort? Start a not-disturbing PMS life? Never feel mood swings again? Say your last goodbyes to monthly depression?

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How March's Innovation Sets you Free from Annoying Parts of Menstruation

Goodbye to Pain

75% of women experience mild to acute physical pain during menstruation every month in different parts of their body, our wearable will reduce that pain as an instant, non-chemical and & side-effect-free solution.

No More Mood Swings

Almost everyone experiences some sort of period discomfort. Mood swings, anger, boredom and frustration. Sound familiar? It's like you’ve experienced them every month for no reason! We will bring happy period days for you.

Loved-one Support

Period sucks and we all know it! But with a little support from our loved ones, it can pass a lot easier. With your permission, our app will tell your loved ones about you, so they’ll be more caring, understanding and supportive.

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We are All Fed up with our Period Discomforts

Guess what? March is going to solve them allstep by step, we preparyou for a healthy and peaceful period. 

How Can March Help You?

three screen shots of a different pages of a period tracker app including insights, period buddy, and consulting with experts and OB/GYN

What Makes March so Trustworthy?

March is the first innovative solution that combines an AI-powered app and a smart wearable for period discomfort. On our path, we have won several rewards


What Our Clients Say

Meeting expectations can be hard, but your kind feedbacks have always kept us strong and determined on our way.

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